What inspired My Body Love Story?

I was in my early twenties and coming out and could not find anything that spoke to my experiences as a queer disabled woman or gave me much hope for the future. The show explores how I figured out sex, dating and relationships. It also grew beyond that to center around different points in time when my relationship to my body changed for better and for worse but mostly better. My experiences going out dancing were a big part of my inspiration and finding a way to talk back and create my own narrative about my life in the face of many unfounded assumptions about disability. I wanted to create a work that was really joyful and funny. There is so much beauty in queer disabled lives and life in general and I wanted to show some of that---but I think the show while it owns those categories, also transcends them because we are all figuring out how to live with our bodies as ourselves and make authentic connections with others and it has been great to see people with different experiences and identities connect to the show. It's very personal and I worked on it for several years so I love it when someone finds it meaningful or helpful in some way.

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